Dynamic shading in LBT 1.1

Does anybody know how the formula for annual symulations with the dynamic shading (with shading states, sensors etc.) in LBT 1.1 should look like?

I am guessing that you are asking for this capability within a Radiance simulation and not an Energy simulation. If so, we don’t have recipes that support dynamic geometry yet but we should have them soon.

Thank you, Chris.
Yes, I need the dynamic shading for the daylight simulations (DA, ASE). I’m glad to know you are going to prepare sample recipes. Where should I look for it - Hydra?

Hi Chris, I’d like to elaborate a little further on this topic. Considering the previous versions Legacy or Plus, HB1.1 is quite an improvement as it removes DAYSIM from the calculation and uses only Radiance. I’m really happy with it and I’ve been using it for the past months now. Thanks devs, this is incredible work.

However there is an issue that I am not able to tackle, which is operable shading. I see you are very hopeful in integrating this soon into the code. I had a look around in the repo and found no evidence or any suggestion that this is being developed. So this leaves me wondering: as the DAYSIM code is gone, is there any other radiance-based tool which can do the job, or the code needs to be written from scratch? If the answer is the latter, this could take a long time, maybe longer than your ‘soon’?

A small disclaimer just in case: this is by no means or a complaint or a demand, I fully respect the effort the team has put in this and even an answer of “sorry, there will never be shading” is entirely acceptable to me :slight_smile:. I just would like to know whether I should hold to LBT1.1 or move back to HoneybeePlus.

They’ll implement the multiphase simulations (matrix simulations) as were included in Honeybee[+], although afaik fixed to be able to handle bigger models.

Exciting times