Dynamo and Refinery


I am trying to run a daylight analysis in Dynamo through an optimization process using Refinery for Dynamo.

I have a simple script working on automatic. But for some reason, the output in Refinery which is One value as the average of many comes out as zero always. After a few tries, I noticed there are no new simulations saved in the C\ladybug folder. I can see them otherwise, but not those created through Refinery.

I made sure I have the script running on automatic and have all the custom notes in the definition folder as requested by Refiniry.

Is anyone aware of the issue? Am I doing something wrong or Refinery just cant trigger the simulation node to radiance??


Hi @Rodion, I suggest to contact Simon Breslav from Autodesk (https://github.com/sbreslav). I know that he has done it successfully for his workshop.

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Thank you for the reply

Will you have a link to the workshop, please?

It was not a public workshop. You should contact Simon directly.

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