Dynamo - Unable to generate colors

I have been testing Honeybee on REVIT Dynamo for last few weeks and have been following the same workflow as the tutorials. However I have never got a valid result.

If you refer to the below example of a simple room, I have got a list with 156 values from radiance analysis and generated a list of 156 colors from ‘generate colors’ node. However only half my analysis grid is showing colors and each cell gives me multiple colors.

Could some one please point out what is the mistake I am making here?

I have been very close to the results but it is frustrating that I cant visualize the results. Appreciate any help!

You’re using the wrong node to visualize colors. Replace GeometryColor.BySurfaceColors by GeometryColor.ByGeometryColor and it will be colored correctly.

@mostapha Many thanks for pointing that out! I have got few questions,

  1. I used GeometryColor.BySurfaceColors node, as this is taking input of surfaces from SurfaceByPatch.
    Is this logic incorrect? However your suggestion has worked and I can see color appearing in the model now.

  2. This leads to my next problem, only half the surfaces are being colored. My list of generated Colors and surfaces are 156 each. Is there anything else I am doing incorrectly as I can see that in your model, colors are rendered correctly.

I am still working my way through dynamo. Apologies if I am asking silly questions!

You should turn off the preview for patched surfaces. They are blocking the preview for the colored surfaces.

Thanks @mostapha for the prompt response! It worked.