E+ "1. Solution exception:math range error"

Hi There,

I am trying to do an Energy simulation in honeybee and have all the model ready for the run. When I toggle the simulation to true I get this error:

1. Solution exception:math range error

The report says:

0. Current document units is in Meters
1. Conversion to Meters will be applied = 1.000
2. Runtime error (OverflowException): math range error
3. Traceback:
line 5986, in getAngle2North, “<string>”
line 6449, in init, “<string>”
line 5485, in createSubSurfaceFromBaseSrf, “<string>”
line 5471, in evaluateZones, “<string>”
line 1362, in main, “<string>”
line 2134, in script
line 5787, in checkZoneSurface, “<string>”

Any idea why this might be happening?

I am attaching the script. Thank you so much!


ENERGIA_02_HoneyBee_Internalized.gh (1.15 MB)

My best guess without opening the file is that the error because of a division by zero. Do you have very small surfaces in your model?


I checked your file. I can’t recreate your file. Many of the surfaces are not internalized.

Nevertheless, why are you decomposing every zone? You can change constructions in the zone level. That will save you so much time.


Hi, I receive the same error on one of my energy simulation models:

- Runtime error (OverflowException): math range error

The model is heavy and includes very small surfaces in some parts. Is there any solution other than remaking the 3d model with larger faces?