E+ Glazing Material Construction Properties

Hello again

I am trying to Decompose my E+ Glazing Material, which I picked from ASHRAE 90.1-2010 list to figure out the default properties in the program. I am looking for SHGC and Visible tranmissivity of the glass.

In the “material” output, I see:

0 Fixed Window 3.12/0.4/0.31

Can I ask if any of them is SHGC and Vt?

Thanks gain


Just use decompose materials and you will see all the details.

Thank you very much Mostapha.

And I think the last figure is Visble Transmittance.


Sorry I forgot to mention this in my previous reply.

I think that in HB, Radiance materials are defined separately from E+ materials. Which could be tricky, if the user does not pay enough attention to match those. One could make a mistake by not adjusting Visible Tranmittance in E+ material to match the Radiance material.

Thanks again for your help and support