E+ HB context error

I keep getting check convexity error when I run E+, but it’s just a box building. Also when I connect shading surfaces to E+ HB context and run E+ it gives me fatal error (error messages are attached). I have defined my own construction materials that’s the reason why I used create HB surface to define my zone but I deleted my materials in the attached file because you don’t have access to my library.
I read the similar topics about this problem but I couldn’t fix the issue. I sent a message and the gh file to @devang and he ran it on his system but he got no errors. I really can’t figure out what the issue is and I would be grateful if you could help me.
I use HB 0.0.63, LB 0.0.66, OpenStudio 2.1 and EnergyPlus 8.5.
E error.gh (579.2 KB)

Can you please connect a panel to Honeybee_Honeybee and post a picture of it?

Please check this

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The file is working fine for me too.
Since for @devang is also working, i will check the absolute tolerance in Rhino.

Silly question: Is the model, without your materials, also failing to run?

The issue is solved, it seems that the problem was with the create HB surfaces component, after reinstalling HB and replacing the component, no errors occurred in E+.
Thank you again for all your help @devang @AbrahamYezioro

Good to hear it is working now!!

Thank you :slight_smile: