E+ HVAC Template: Thermostat and Zone Ideal Loads Air System editing


I’m relatively new to the Honeybee to Energy Plus system and am trying to create a simple simulation with a small massing. I am having difficulty finding the right component to add/change the values that Honeybee inputs into the Energy Plus fields for HVACTemplate:Thermostat and HVACTemplate:Zone:IdealLoadsAirSystem. So far I have been using the "Honey-bee-set Energy Plus zone threshold, the Honeybee_HVAC Air Details, and the Honeybee_Assign HVAC Air System but there aren’t certain categories I wish to update.

I have had some luck entering certain fields with those componenets but not with others.
(The Energy plus screen on the left has the values I want, and the screen on the right are the ones I am getting from Honeybee)

I have also tried adding them manually using the additional string entry method but have had multiple errors as that method doesn’t seem to be able to replace the templates already made, or modify values in already filled out fields.

What component should I be using to get my constant heating and cooling setpoints as well as other values in the HVACTemplate:Zone:IdealLoadsAirSystem?

Conceptual massing energy evaluation 18_06_19.gh (736.3 KB)

As I replied to another topic that you posted you should be using the OpenStudio component to be able to set HVAC parameters.

Dear @mostapha

In case of assigning HVACTemplates other than Ideal Air Load, do you have any suggestions?

When we are using OS, it fills the ZoneHVAC objects that are very detailed, Is there any other way to have hvac systems under HVAC Templates using E+ or OS?