Hi all!

I have three questions to my simulation model.

  1. createHBZone made a floor out of my ground floor. Internal floors and ceilings in my model are adiabatic. What can I do that HB accepts groundfloor as groundfloor?

  2. As I posted somewhere else this morning, here again: What’s the right procedure to save E+materials into an *.idf so that created and (from library) chosen materials appear after HB’s flying? Floors and Ceilings don’t get E+materials from library…

  3. I don’t get heating- and cooling loads out of my model. Can it be that point 1. is the reason for that?

All I’m talking about in the attached file is pinky.

Attached you find the E+ Sim-Report and the *.gh file.

T h a n k y o u very much in advance!


E+REPORT.txt (5.1 KB)
150608_VF_E+_reduced.gh (624 KB)

Hi Daniel,

  1. See this discussion for the ground floor question.

  2. Use the HB_addToEPLibrary to add the materials\constructions for your active project. In your file you didn’t connect anything to the component. If you want those to be permanent you need to manually add them to the userCustomEPLibrary.idf file, usually located at c:\ladybug, but can be at another location in your case.

  3. You need to set the isConditioned input to True in the HB_createHBZones.


I think we need to set the default for _isConditioned to True as it is in Mass2Zone component. Added an issue: https://github.com/mostaphaRoudsari/Honeybee/issues/353