E+ Shade generator geometry limitations


I´m trying to model a horizontal shading slate that is offset above the start of the window and/or extends beyond the side edges of the window. I seems that E+ only allows me to stay within the window boundaries. Im just about to give up on using the E+ WindowMaterial:Shade components for this task but then I got some confusing hope by the E+ manual when I saw the “OtherShadingType”, and some other ways that I might be able to input what I wanted.

Does anyone have any insight into the limitations and workarounds of E+ on this?

Note: I´d prefer not to use a context geometry because I want the thermal properties like radiation balance and so on to be calculated.

Hi Ludvig,

as you said there are some limitations for thermal analysis using outdoor shading in E+;

actually, the “OtherShadingType” allows you to “describe” your custom and complex geometry as you prefer…you should type you own IDF file and adding to ADDITIONAL STRING into the E+ calculator component, here some examples of the IDF file:


It could be helpful if you could share some image or file of your shading…anyway please have a look at this discussion:


I hope that this helps


Thanks for the reply. After reading this I reckon it wont be worth the trouble.

"While this may seem like the best of all worlds, it is usually VERY time-consuming to pull off as you have to parameterize the geometry into a matirx of values for the amount of sun that is permitted for every sun angle."

I will try to quantify the difference in zone energy needs that only using context geometry imposes and live with the shortcomming.