E+ simulation with plenum roof

Hi all,
I´ve modeled an existing apartment with a tilted roof as an insulated plenum. The model without this upper roof works fine but when I add this plenum, the model becomes invalid.
I´ve also tested the plenum as a single-room model but the exterior floor is recognized as roof even when the model is valid. Besides the simulation is invalid too.
viv_int_ult_resumen_9.gh (524.9 KB)

Any help is welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @PatriciaEdithCampore ,

Your Grasshopper file clearly has a lot more in it than just a room and plenum so it’s tough to know which part you want us to look at. What is the ValidationError message that you get and is it useful for understanding what is incorrect about your model?

Hi @chris ,
I reformulate my model to simplify it.
I want to simulate an apt that has a tilted insulated roof. The attic is not conditioned and I want to exclude it from the apartment area.
Thanks in advance.
plenum.gh (36.6 KB)

Thanks, @PatriciaEdithCampore ,

That Grasshopper definition is a lot easier to understand. The HB Validate Model component shows that your model is valid and simulate-able but I’m inferring this is not what you are asking about.

I see that the Solve Adjacency component that you have in your script is having no effect because you did not intersect the Room geometries beforehand to get matching areas across which heat can flow from one room to another. So just insert an Intersect Solids component somewhere before you solve adjacency and you’ll get the result that you are expecting:

plenum_CWM.gh (40.9 KB)

If you want a refresher on the solve adjacency workflow, this video is a good resource:

Hi @chris ,
So grateful for your help.
I went on working on the file and got the same solution but through a longer path.

plenum_solved.gh (71.4 KB)