Edge of glass U value not considered in the assembly U Value Calculation component?

There seems to be no place to input Edge of glass U value to the Honeybee Assembly U value component which should have slightly higher U value than center of glass, and it seems that the U value of frames were applied to frame + edge of glass areas instead of frame only:

Please click following image for full explanation:

@songx271 ,

Yes, that is how the component is written (counting the frame and edge of the window construction as one region with a U-value that represents the combined heat flow across the two). This yields results that are very similar to separating the two and it makes it much easier to translate THERM results over to an energy model. My understanding of the primary reason why the separation of frame and edge methodology exists was to make it possible for frame manufacturers to give specs separate from IGU manufacturers, though I think most experienced THERM modelers realizes that these two can’t be so easily separated as one tends to influence the other.

Is there a particular case here where you feel that not having this separation between frame and edge is giving you inaccurate results? Or do you just need it to enable the input of a manufacturer frame U-value that is independent of the IGU U-value?