Edit duplicate adjacent Spaces in gbXML Viewer


In regards to correcting errors in the gbXML file such as Edit Duplicate Adjacent Spaces, there is no option to make one of the spaces “none”. Meaning, you cannot modify the surface such that it only has one adjacent space. Below is an illustration of the feature, which was present in R11

R13 and R14 only give options for other spaces present in the building but not the option of making Space 1 or Space 2, “None” in the drop down menus.

May i please have some advice on how to initiate the desired modification?


Oh wow! I did not get ( or overlooked ) notice on this issue. Sorry.

I will investigate and report back. In any case, I’m working on R15 which is kind of ready for testing. It’s feature: It can open a 70 mb gbXML file with 5,000 spaces.

I will do my best to ensure that the adding and deleting of spaces covers all the possibilities.


Thanks for the reply. I patiently await the new release.