Edit/Modify Ladybug windrose mesh - inner circle

Is there a way to edit the LB windrose mesh generation method from within the script?
Instead of creating 1 circle with a center pt, I want the windrose mesh to be generated within 2 concentric circles with control over the diameter and/or scale.

Wish to achieve visuals similar to this…


Yes, you can modify the scale and frequency of the concentric circles by adjusting some combination of the _freq_dist_, _freq_hours_, and _max_freq_lines inputs. Take a look at the component input hints here to get a better idea of what they do.

thanks for getting back. I understand how to control the diameter of the outermost ring. Is there a way to control the diameter of the inner circle? My understanding is that there is no inner circle. It all starts from the center point.

is there a way to have an empty space in the middle as seen in the first image and the graph is plotted after an offset?

Yes, that’s correct. If you really needed to hack it, you could probably add a bunch of extra zeros to the input data collections, set show_clam_ to true, and remove the calm rose center from the mesh. But you’d otherwise need to write your own methods in the source code.

Thanks for getting back, Chris. Will try it. Cheers!