Effect of Solar Radiation in Energy Model


I am skeptical about the results of the total solar transmittance through the glazing, the results between HB zones with/without context is very small which makes me question, especially that the shading elements I am using LB shading design which means the device should block almost all solar transmittance, but it doesn;t

I attached the GH file and highlight the results and the part of the script that involves HB EP context surface component, LB shading design component, and the results.

will truly appreciate a support, have been trying to resolve if for almost two days

thank you

Simulation_Annual+EP.gh (785 KB)


Your Grasshopper file is not run-able as you have not internalized the geometry in the file. Also, the script has way too many components for us to easily understand what you want us to look at.

Finally, you don’t seem to be looking at the “totalSolarGain” output but are instead just looking at cooling load. Remember that solar is just one part of the equation that drives cooling and, a lot of the time, the heat from other sources will drive the majority of the cooling load (including infiltration/ventilation of hot outdoor air, conduction through the envelope, people gains, equipment gains, lighting gains).