Electric BaseBoard using IronBug

Hi @MingboPeng,

I’m kind of new to simulating with Honeybee and specifically with IronBug. I made successful tests simulating radiative convective baseboard, but when it comes to the electric baseboard, I got stuck !

I would appreciate if you could help me out solving this.

I attached the .gh file so you can see what i am talking about.
Electric_BASEBOARD.gh (124.9 KB)

Hi @Ardian, I tested your file, everything ran fine on my machine. What is the problem you encountered?

Hi @MingboPeng,

Sorry the simulation ran fine also on mine but, in fact, the issue that I have is that it does not show the consumption results when I use electric baseboards using _resultFileAddress component.
I don’t know if I need to use another component, or is it due to other reason?

Oh, you will need to add the custom output variable for this baseboard:
Output:Variable,*,Baseboard Total Heating Energy, hourly;

and then use Honeybee_Read EP Custom Result to read the results. Note, the default unit from E+ is Joules

Hi @MingboPeng,

OK thanks very much and sorry if it was trivial question as i am new to this.