Electric Lighting and Energy

Hello all!

I am trying to integrate Daylight, Electric Lighting and Energy all together and am a little bit confused about certain things. Some clarification could really help!

  1. Running the Annual Daylight Simulation with electric lightings (with IES files) as additionalRadFiles will give results such as DLA, UDLI, CDA, sDA. The result unit is in “lux”. I tried using lighting control groups to see how the electric lightings are being used in accordance to daylight. When I choose control type 0 “manual on and off”, it seems like there are values that fall between 0 (off) and 1 (on). The “annualProfiles” that can be connected to the Energypls Lighting Schedule gives only the “schedules” and not the KWh that are being used by the electric lighting throughout the year? Or by connecting this input, energyplus is calculating my electric lighting energy (in additional to my sensor control?)

  2. Because it seems Annual Daylight Sim gives only “lux” results, and I wanted to know how much annual lighting energy is being used, I tried running Cumulative Sky Sim by adding the additionalRadFiles. The results are kWh/m2 for each test points. What is the best way of figuring out the annual lighting kWh/m2 that I can input for lightDensityPerArea.

As I said, I would like to see how much my actual electric lighting is contributing to my energy analysis. Is there a better way/workflow to incorporate this?

Thank you so much in advance.