Energy analysis for envelop with insulation

Dear All
I have a problem that I can’t find a solution to
I created nodes to calculate heating and cooling loads according to Chris Mackie’s great course
And I had three options for building envelope materials
The first option is not insulated, where the R for the layers of the walls is 0.46
The second option is insulated type 1, where R for wall layers is 1.9
The third option is non-insulated type 2 where R for wall layers is 2.9
When I do energy analysis, the difference between the best insulation and no insulation does not exceed 25% (Shouldn’t the difference be greater?)
and The energy between the first and second insulation does not exceed 4% (very little, although R is relatively large between the two insulations)
Can someone help me with these problems??

Hi @loulwa,

This depends on a lot of factors. To look at which parameter is effecting the energy use most you can run a quick energy balance.

This will give you some insight in what is causing energy losses.