Energy balance and the thermal comfort study error

Hi Chris and everyone,

I am having the same problem, I am running on OS 2.4, would that be the cause? The energy simulation runs, but the energy balance and the thermal comfort study are giving this error.

I attach below the files, in case someone can have a quick look to see what is wrong.

Many thanks in advance.


@Ruxandra, I moved your question to a new topic. Also you should provide more information about the error message so one can potentially help you without opening the files.

Hi Mostapha,

Many thanks for the prompt reply and apologies for not giving sufficient information.

The house I am trying to model has a staircase that connects to the open plan first floor living/kitchen area, which I have constructed with Air Walls. Could this be the problem?

The energy calculations seem to run ok, but the Energy Balance error says ‘1. Not all of the connected heating branches are of the same length or there are more than 8760 values in the list.’. I attach here a screenshot of the error messages.

On the Adaptive Comfort Calculator the error message is “The calculation has been terminated by the user!” and the 3D Chart connected to this component says that “Input parameter _inputData failed to collect data!”. Also attached here screenshots of the error messages.

I hope this is a bit clearer, but please let me know if I need to post more information.

Many thanks again,


Hi Mostapha,

I have managed to get it to work, it was a problem with my workflow. Should I delete the post (can I do it myself?) so I avoid wasting anyones time?

Many thanks,


Hi @Ruxandra, how did you fix your energy balance?
I believe you were runing the simulation for sizing periods and getting more results then the 8760 hours a year.

Hi Matheus,

I did manage to fix it, thank you very much for checking.

All the best,