Energy Balance in Ladybug/Honeybee simulation error

Hi guys!

I seem to have a problem when making energy simulations with Ladybug/Honeybee.
Sometimes I get very high values on my Energy Balance for Glazing Conduction and storage, and I am not sure why this is happening. If I look closer to the results in the Energy Balance I can see that the load from solar, infiltration etc, are quite normal but they are outweighed by the extreme values from Glazing Conduction and storage. It seems to happen for only some geometries but I am not sure why and how it is happening, and how I can avoid this. I have attached the GH document, and some pictures of the output.


Furthermore some pictures of a geometry that doesn’t seem to work, even though it is recognized by Honeybee (It’s mainly a glass building):

And a picture of a geometry that seemed to work earlier:

Hope you can help!

Andreas (839.5 KB)

@Andreas ,
I can’t run your GH file since you did not internalize any geometry or include the Rhino file. I can tell you that the storage term is large because the glazing conduction is large. So the root of the problem is the glazing conduction. The file generally looks ok so maybe there’s an issue with the geometry that is not included in the file. If you upload it and I can recreate the issue on my machine, I can probably figure it out.

Sorry, my bad. I have attached a new GH file and the corresponding Rhino file with the geometries, as well as the EPW-file I have used. Thanks for helping!
FINAL_test.3dm (8.3 MB) (832.4 KB)

NOR_TrondheimSIMIENsolar.epw (1.7 MB)