Energy balance storage issue


I am analysing a rectangular thermal zone that has 2 walls which are facades with windows on the corner. If I leave it as it is with eeeeverything set as default, so it cannot be me messing up with something I shouldn’t, I get quite a big portion of storage energy in the energy balance.

After a lot of tests I managed to find out the problem being having windows in both surfaces. I believe the problem is the sun getting through one and leaving through the second one and the program not knowing what that is. Sort of this:

I thought that would be fixed by using: energy sim par/ solar distribution/Full interior and exterior with or without reflections…but no, that horrible storage is still there…

So, is this a problem of Energy+ being funny or honeybee?


I have also noticed that even with 1 window if I put natural ventilation I get some storage. It would be great if someone could give me a hand understanding why…

Here the cleaned scripttest zone for (759.0 KB)