Energy modeling for multiple buildings


I have two questions about energy modeling.

  1. I am trying to set up the energy model for multiple buildings but I found that it is time-consuming to do that, is there any way to simulate multiple buildings in one go?

  2. Is it a “MUST” to define zoning for the building? Is there any method to conduct energy modeling with building mass only?

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Hi @hoganchan,

Have a look at the videos from Chris. It will explain all your questions.

About your questions:
  1. Yes it is possible to run different buildings in one go, although it will take more time and the result files will be much bigger. Every zone you attach to your simulation will be simulated, no mather if it stands alone or it is attached to an other zone.
  2. This depends on what the goal is of your simulation. You can define a building as one zone. For the impact of solar radiation this could be a way of working, for comfort analyse or zone/system sizing it is better to to define the zones.
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Hi @Erikbeeren,

The video is good and I am curious about the energy modeling for different buildings. Do you mean I can connect different buildings in gh and then run the simulation? Also, will the result exist much difference if I only assign one zone for the building?


If each zone has a unique name there is no problem. But I don’t see many advantages in putting a lot of buildings in one simulation. If you want you can start with a simple model of two seperated boxes and put them into one simulation. For finding out you can better use small scale projects.

Thank you! I will try this!!