Energy output from PV panels

I’m trying to find the annual energy offset by the PV panels used, but it shows zero. I’m not sure either if this is a correct setup? As legacy keeps crashing on my Rhino 7 and there are no alternatives in Ladybug/ honeybee
It doesn’t even show results I got (like these) (986.4 KB)
(Internalising geometry was making the file too heavy to upload)

Hi @Anyone,

The PV simulation is quite demanding for computers. Especially with a large amount of solar panels and context geometry. In your script I saw you are running all 4 steps at once. It is better to run the steps one by one. Every step needs input from the previous step.

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Thanks @Erikbeeren I added booleans as you suggested to simulate sequentially. All the components also have preview on- still shows wierd results like ‘4 m spacing in between’ and 0 energy offset.
Energy_Simulation Photovoltaics_Legacy (656.2 KB)

probably you have to flip the surface. The normal has to direct outwards.
Also I should put the geometry more in the centre of the drawing.

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I flipped like this-

But it didn’t change much (doesn’t show annual kWh yield for example)

perhaps a small offset from the shading geometry

Done, still no difference (I re- simulated too)

The same script worked a month or so ago and showed the general results too. What could be so wrong that it doesn’t display anything, nor does it give predictable results?

Try checking the units in Rhino.