Energy plus result

i have 3 zone open office that their windows size of south facade change. i simulate each zone in honey bee ,but my result for heating and cooling for each zone is similare to other . what is my mistake?

glass facade 1.3dm (111 KB)
glass facade energy (680 KB)

Hi maryamamiri,

Sorry for responding so late to your issue. There were a few things that were not so good in your file but the main one that was causing your issue was this:

After you get a zone out of the Honeybee_CreateHBZones, the output is good enough to run through a simulation. You do not need to pass the zone through a Honeybee_Mass2Zones component since this component is only made to take raw geometry input and assign zone properties to it. Passing a good HBZone through the Honeybee_Mass2Zones component effectively turns it back into raw geometry and strips it of all of its zone properties to re-assign new ones. This includes properties like windows.

Also, When you do comparative studies like this, it is important to create your IDF with a different name each time that you run the simulation. You can have problems because, each time you run the “Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation” component, you are over-writing your previous IDF unless you call it by a different name.

Finally, there is no need to use solve adjacencies when you only have a single zone. It is only meant for multizone cases.

See attached for a corrected GH file.

-Chris (482 KB)