Energy plus simulation error in honeybee-legacy

I am currently working in a model that has been created through an image. The model is then converted into honeybee zones and made ready for simulation. But I am having some errors and having hard time figuring what that error means. The errors are something like :

  1. The simulation has not run correctly because of this severe error:
    ** Severe ** Problem in interior solar distribution calculation (CHKBKS) , I have checked the geometry and it seems to be fine.
  1. Version: in IDF="=9.3.0" not the same as expected=“9.3”.
    Aren’t both the same??

Also I wanted to upload the grasshopper file but apparently I cannot.

Welcome to the forum Bhumika, Please go through the forum guidelines. For your, issue search for “Solar distribution” on the forum. This issue has been addressed several times before.

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Thanks Devang, I found other discussions about " Solar distritbution" , that were kind of helpful.
I still don’t have any lead on my second error.

Hi @bhumika

One of your rooms is probably non convex.

You can solve this by changing the solar distribution.

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Please share if the second error remains once you fix the CHKBKS error using the resources on this forum. What @Erikbeeren posted here is the root of your error and he has shared good resources to understand this issue. You can also search for “non-convex” on this forum.

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Hi Erikbeeren,
This helped, the warnings are gone now and the energy use value also didn’t have a drastic change. Thanks a lot.

Hi Devang,
The error for CHKBKS was solved but I still have a warning for the version. It is not terminating the simulation but it still shows the warning.