Energy Plus simulation

Hi everyone. I don’t know what’s wrong with my model that it doesn’t even start the simulation. can you help me with this? below I attached the (639.6 KB)

I found three issues that might help you run this model.

  1. You forgot to set “_createHBZones” to true on the “Honeybee_Mass2Zones” component for the office side.
  2. The surface matching isn’t properly working because you haven’t intersected your surfaces before you created HB zones. You need to connect your closed breps to “Honeybee_IntersectMasses” to make sure all adjacent surfaces intersects before turning then into zones.
  3. You selected an HVAC system using the “Honeybee_Assign HVAC System” component so you need to run your model using the “Honeybee_Export to OpenStudio” component instead of the “Honeybee_Run Energy Simulation”. I have better luck using OpenStudio version 2.9.1 for the legacy Honeybee versions.

See if these work and let me know if you are still having issues.

Hope everything is fine with you. thank you for your answer. I did what you suggested but doesn’t work like before. I attached the (702.3 KB)


I was able to run your file after adding a boolean toggle to your Intersect Masses component right at the beginning of your script:

You also connected the .rdd file address to your result file address, which will yield in an empty node for the readEPResult component:

tnx a lot. it worked. you helped me a lot.