Energy Simualtion with Open Studio component using Airwalls for ceilings

Hello everyone!

I have looked the diretories and I wonder if you are still answering the doubts that come up from users, because all the discussions seens to be from 2016 rs.

I have an issue. I need to set the ceilings as airwalls, and I have done that through the solve adjacencies component. However, the simulation only works when I use the Run Energy Simualtion component. I am using conditioned zones as well, and I need to use the Open StudiO Component, but the ceilings as airwalls doesn’t work when I run the simulation with Open Studio. I really need help with that. Does anyone have the same problem? Any ideas how to fix this?

Hope anyone have an answer for that :slight_smile:

@iris_loche Please upload some images or documents about your issue.

Hello @minggangyin. Here’s my file:
When I use Energy Plus to simulate it works, but when I use Open Studio the airwalls doesn’t work.
I need to conditionate the zones and I need to use the Open Studio component.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

@mostapha @chris I think it is a bug in the open studio component.
Please, help me. I really need this to work

@iris_loche ,

You are right that this was a situation that we were not catching, which we should be. I just pushed a fix that allows models to run when there are no floors for the zone and the loads are set to 0:

You can find a fixed version of your file here: (928.6 KB)

Thank you for reporting this bug.

As, @minggangyin was pointing out, having both the sample file and the component error message in your post are helpful for quickly identifying bugs like this.

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Thank you very much for the quicly reply and for the help!