Energy Simulation Inquiry


I run a daylight simulation for a room that has a window and shading device for 4 directions (North, S, E & W), and I got different simulation readings by the differently directions and even closing and opining the shading device blinds, Which is good! See images.

The problem is when I run an energy simulation I got the same result of light electric energy for all direction and for opening and closing blinds as well. See images

What I understand that whatever a room has more daylight, it would reduce the artificial light and vice versa. Can anyone take a look at it and tell me if I’m doing in HB/LB is wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @rsalelwani,

From the images you attached, the only thing I could figure out was that the analysis time is before noon.
Also, It is not clear from the images that you attached that how you are integrating the daylight analysis with energy simulation. I am not sure, but this looks like a point-in-time analysis. In order to integrated daylight analysis with energy modelling, you need to conduct an annual simulation please. You may please check this example.

Hi @devang,

Thanks for your suggestion. It works but I got another error (see the photo). To be known, my laptop is new and has all grasshopper’s components update. Also, I followed the notes that’s written but I have nothing.

By looking to the error, there should be some of the components that need to be updated. It will be much easier to figure out the issue if you attach your GH script.

Just disable/enable the HB_HB and then recompute the file. This assuming the HB_HB is indeed updated.

Hi All,

Just telling my experience for the problem that is resolved! I did all suggestions that I saw in the forum but it didn’t work. I removed HB & LB and installed them again. Even though the HB & LB components were the last version (Ladybug_0_0_66_Honeybee_0_0_63), they need to replace, download and install them one more time.
That’s what I did and worked with me properly. Please correct me if I’m wrong for someone who will face the same issue in future!!

Best regard,