Energy simulation of apartment with a winter garden


I am trying to run an energy simulation to see the performance of a winter garden.
I set up my model and everything looks fine but when I run the simulation it gives me a “fatal error”.

I suspect that I might have done something wrong in the part where I solve adjacencies because technically I have a “surface” between my two thermal zones (the apartment and the winter garden) which is a wall with a window.

I found previous posts showing how to create “interior windows”. However the problem persists.

The message says: ** fatal ** Errors occurred on processing input file. Preceding conditions cause termination."

Thanks in advance if anyone can help! :slight_smile:

Please share your Gh recipe file with Geometry internalized so that friends of our forum can guide you with the error.

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Hi @Naga, thanks!

Here’s the grasshopper file.

Apartment with Winter (1.2 MB)


Just managed to solve the problem (I was having a window as an outdoor wall so I just added a wall with a window as child surface instead).

Beginner’s error!

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