Energy simulation - Read EP Result problem


First, I would like to thank you for creating such amazing tool!I am a relatively new user to Ladybug tools and I am trying to learn it and use it as a tool to develop my final diploma work in university.

I am currently trying to run a very basic energy simulation (with a simple boxes as an example before i move for some more advanced geometry) following this series of tutorials -

Unfortunatelly, I run in problem with the “Run Energy Simulation” component and the “Read EP Result” component. The problem is not showing my desired outputs in the “Read EP Result” component, though I specifically point them out in “Generate EP Output” component (for example the Zone Energy use).

I went trought a lot of older posts all over the internet with similar issue, mostly being removed with updating the plugin or removing spaces in folder names, nevertheless, these or other solutions I found does not work for me. My files should be the latest version of Ladybug and Honeybee.
Please, could you help me with this issue? I am trying to figure it out for couple of hours with no result. It would be a great help for me and my diploma.

Many thanks!
Adam (551.4 KB)

Ensure the zone is conditioned.

Thank you very much! I completely misinterpreted this input.