Energy simulation results summary and report


Dear all, I’d like to hear your comments and advice regarding the way to summarize and report energy simulation results.

EnergyPlus produces a huge amount of outputs for a lot of variables, down to each zone and surface in various time steps, depending on the specification. It is therefor quite important to summarize and report the results in a clear and concise way, and this always depends on what questions we ask, on which level and to what extent of details. We want to get dig out the most important information without been consumed by the sea of data.

The following images are some initial thinking on how to organize the various type of data and charts that can be produced by Honeybee+Ladybug for various type of analysis in different scales or scopes. It is not intended to be comprehensive, and import items might be missing here of course.

The data/charts are grouped by spatial scale (building or zone, although surface can be included as well), temporal scale (yearly, monthly, hourly) and type of quantity (energy consumption, EUI, energy balance, or individual output variables).

The index for each data/chart corresponds to the index of the GH component block shown in the demo file attached which of course might not represent the only way or the most efficient way to do these calculation or chart generation.

The charts with “?” are the ones I haven’t figured out the way to generate … which may turn out to be easy for experts here…(I was bugging Chris in the last few days).

The most import data/charts to report are highlighted in yellow, and of course it may vary depending on the objectives of the study.

I’d very much appreciate your suggestions and advice!

Thank you!

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Hi Grasshope, Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I will try to take a closer look soon and see if I can help with the missing ones.


Wow thanks for sharing Ji! This is brilliant!

48 versions :o