Energy simulation without cooling?

I’m using the new LBT components to do a energy simulation on a single room with a facade that is changing, to see the impact on due to the facade design.
As i’m simulating on an old house in Denmark (that’s being renovated with the new facade) the building has no cooling in the ventilation system. The only option for cooling is to open the window for natural ventilation.
My question is: How do I simulate a building with district heating, but with only natural ventilation? The ventilation system has inlet in the kitchen and in the bathroom, but the air can never be cooler than the outdoor temperature eg. no cooling.

Im using the HB ventilation control on the HB Window Opening to indicate that the occupants can open the window.

I would think about setting a high cooling temperature so you know you’ll never need the cooling since the temperature in the building will always be lower than this setting.

Thank you @Abraham, I will try that.

Did it work for you? For me unfortunately it did not.
I am encountering the same issue. Would be nice if you could share your solution to this issue. Thanks