Energy with vintage 90.1-2019 is higher than 2010

Hi Community!

May I know how the vintage works on the energy modeling?
To know the vintage effect on the hvac system, I have tested official sample file - “shoe_box_energy_model” and only changed the vintage from 2010 to 2019.
But the result shows that eui with 2019 is higher than 2010 as below screenshot.
Is it correct? How the eui with low efficiency has better performance?
Looking forward to your comment!
Thank you!

Hi, may I know if any of you can provide comment on this? thank you!

Hi @gogog ,

It’s certainly possible that a situation like this can happen, especially when you model is just a shoe box and not a full building energy model like what standard 90.1 is designed to describe. It’s very possible that the energy use of this type of shoe box has not changed much between 90.1 versions even if the energy use of a full-building office might have gotten lower.

If the results were wildly different, I’d be skeptical but they’re close enough to be within “normal” E+ error that I’d just consider them practically the same.


Many thanks for your answer, @chris !
I will test it with more detailed model.