Energyplus cannot run

Hello everyone!

Honeybee cannot run the energyplus engine. It makes the idf file without any calculation. I have to run the idf with EP Launch and it can work. What should I do to get the calculation by honeybee itself?
There are no any spaces or foreign characters in my directory or file names.
Thanks a lot !

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Check the out item of the RunEnergySimulation component.


This is what the out item shows. Thanks a lot !

The panel is not showing any errors. You need to provide more info if you want to get some help (basic model so people can check).

I have the same problem i think.
Yesterday there were no problems with the simulations but today i get the same result.
I can’t upload the file because i am a new user

Hello mate, have you solve your problem? I have the same problem too.

I have tried three versions of EnergyPlus(EnergyPlus-9.1.0-08d2e308bb-Windows-i386,EnergyPlus-9.1.0-08d2e308bb-Windows-x86_64,EnergyPlus-9.2.0-921312fa1d-Windows-x86_64.exe), but the problem not solved.
I tried running energyplus.exe in the Folder of C:/openstudio-2.5.0/ EnergyPlus seperately. The calculation window flashed by but it seems nothing happened.
I also tried running Epl-run.bat in the same Folder, there was a warning saying that:

It can not in this computer, please contact the software developer if you want to get the suitable version of the software. (P.S. The warning was in Chinese, this is the translation of it. And please forgive me can not upload the picture as a new user.)

The machine: Windows10, ADM Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core 3.8GHz,

How can deal with this issue?


Hello, I am very happy to say that I have solve my problem.
After many kinds of attempts, the final action I have done was updating both the EnergyPlus(v9.2.0) and OpenStudio(v2.9.0). Then copied the Folders “PostProcess” and “PreProcess” in folder “EnergyPlusV9-2-0” into the folder “openstudio-2.9.0\EnergyPlus”.
I do not know if your situation is the same as mine. Hope my experience is helpful to you.

Good luck.


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