EnergyPlus Engine

Hi everyone

I faced a problem, Honeybee cannot run the energyplus engine! it makes the idf file without any calculation. I have to run the idf with EP Launch then bring the analysis to the grasshopper. What should I do to get the calculation by honeybee itself?


What’s the idfFileName and workingDir you’re using? If the file is created correctly, but the resultFileAddress can’t be found, I suspect you are naming your file in such a way that python can’t locate your file.

Specifically: do you have any spaces or foreign characters in your directory or file names?

Edit: It could also be a problem with a file path to your EnergyPlus location. Same question: is there any spaces or foreign characters there?


great you are right it was a space in the fileName… Thank you so much. but now when I run it this message appears…


EnergyPlus can’t find your weather file. Could be another naming issue in your path, could be something to do with that open epw component, which I confess I rarely use.

I find a really simple and more robust way to import weather files is to use the download EPW file component like so:

That should solve your problem.


Wow… BIG BIG help… Thank you so much :slight_smile: