EnergyPlus materials dataset


I thought CallFromEPConstructionLibrary uses EnergyPlus datasets, which our students are familiar with. But apparently I was mistaken and you are using another library. Can you please briefly inform me,

  • what material library Honeybee uses,

  • and if it is possible to access EnergyPlus materials dataset (e.g., ASHRAE_2005_HOF_Materials) from Honeybee.

Thanks for your outstanding support.

HB uses the datasets from OpenStudio (Check directory c:\ladybug\OpenStudio, or the default that is set on your machine). But there is also a file, userCustomEPLibrary.idf, in the same location. You can edit this file and include all the datasets that you want.
Very useful file!!


Thanks @AbrahamYezioro for the hints. It worked as you suggested.
In my case, userCustomEPLibrary.idf was in C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug.

In case this is helpful to others, I stumbled upon this ASHRAE_2005_HOF_Materials IDF dataset compiled by Josh Wentz.

This file is part of the standard E+ installation. You can find it, and many more datasets under your EnergyPlusXX/DataSets folder.

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