EnergyPlus - open window but closed shade

I would like to model a window where it remains open at all times, but the shade is closed. I.e I can analyse the effect of the shade, and different shade properties alone without the window interfering. Is that possible? Either through components or writing a string to force energyplus

Hi @sineadn

You can use the components.

open window with (33.8 KB)

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Thanks @Erikbeeren. Do you happen to know whether the resulting aperture temperatures taken from the sql file are referring to the shade or glass? Or when the window is open is it the shade and when the window is closed is it the glass?

Because when I compare the two scenarios (and specifically the skylight which is the purple line) the indoor surface temperature of the aperture is higher when windows are open, and there is bigger temp difference between windows and skylight also when windows are open.

I think I would have expected the opposite, but then im not sure exactly what surface of the window construction is referred to when i visualise aperture temperature (all properties are the same as your model except transmissivity of the shade is 0.1 and reflectivity 0.71)