EnergyPlus or OpenStudio?

Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me if there’s a difference between running an energy simulation with the energy plus component or the open studio component? I mean, how do they affect the result of an energy simulation? What should I consider to choose one of them?
Thank you for everyone who will answer!

@Roberta It is a common question. EnergyPlus is an energy simulation engine. OpenStudio is a GUI for SketchUp based on EnergyPlus. Openstudio in Honeybee support HVAC template or irongbug HVACsystem developed by @MingboPeng .You can also view your energy model in SketchUp.
So I prefer to use OpenStudio for energy simulation.

Thank you @minggangyin. So, the differences are sketch up and hvac. Do I have to create a closed room to analyse it with EP? For example, if I want to analyse outdoor MRT, can I use both EP and OS? A friend of mine told me that I need to create a closed space to use EP…

@Roberta closed space is required by each energy simulation such as EnergyPlus and OpenStudio.

The answer is yes.

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Just to add a little extra clarity, the first (free) video in this series explains a bit about what goes on under the hood:

As @minggangyin points out, the key things to keep in mind are that:

  1. Both components use the EnergyPlus engine under the hood.
  2. The simulations run by the two components are identical except that you can specify a detailed HVAC with OpenStudio but you can only run a simple ideal air HVAC with the direct E+ component.

thank you @chris and @minggangyin for your answers. I hope not to disturb you too much, but reading your replies I’ve got one more question. I created a script of an urban canyon and I wanted to calculate the outdoor MRT in the canyon. I based my work on this example:,0

I obtained this geometry:

here, I don’t have a closed space, as you can see I just used test points, but the simulations work really well, because I ‘validated’ the script with real measurements. So, If I must have a closed space, why does the script work?

I hope to have explained myself well, and I’m really sorry to keep asking you questions. I also wanted to thank you for the link of the tutorials.


This is another question. It is about UTCI calculation for outdoor microclimate. This workflow used the outter surface temperature of Honeybee’s energy simulation result.

If you want to calculate the MRT, I suggest you use two compotents:

1\Ladybug_Outdoor Solar Temperature Adjustor
2\Ladybug_MRT Calculator

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