EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator / shading in both horizontal and vertical

Hi everyone,
I created a HBZone which has glazing on both south and west direction.

I used the EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator component to create shading. But i want shades to be vertical on west direction and horizontal on south direction. How can i create a list item for that?

Thank you so much!

@feyzas If you want to set two different window shades, you should follow 2 steps: the wall,create HBsurface and set window ratio to generate windows
2.connect all HBsurface to compose a close volume.

You can refer to this example created by @chris.,0

thank you so much @minggangyin . But do you know how can i create list like in the component explanation? (in the attachment). If it is possible it is better for me to just create an input list. I got three south orianted windows and one on the west

I mean i just want to connect 1 HB object input and get 2 different type of shading in one single EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator component.

or how can i specify the orientation in EnergyPlus Window Shade Generator component.