Envi met plugin

Hi @AntonelloDiNunzio,
hope you are doing well. I tried to install DF ENVIMET but I couldn’t find it anywhere. i want to see the impact of green roofs on the surface temperature and tried another component of the ladybug tools but the result wasn’t accurate. i think the only option that I have is Envimet plug-in. thank you for your support and help.

Hi @sareh,

You can find envimet components in Dragonfly Legacy. Dragonfly Legacy
It uses the “3D modeling” of Envimet. It is useful if you want to model windows and you have complex shapes. But please, keep in mind the approximation level because of voxels.

An alternative that was tested by me and some reseachers is Morpho + Ladybug. Morpho
It uses the “2.5D modeling” of Envimet which is good enough if your geometries are not so complex - the same principle used by Envimet Monde.



thank u for your quick answer. i have my model in rhino. i have tried to get the impact result in ladybug tools but it showed no difference with and without a green roof. which is weird. below i attached my file. i appreciate that if u can help me as this is the final chapter of my thesis.
BTW i can not install the ENVI-met component from git lab. I’ve already had the dragonfly component but there isn’t envimet.

C40_O.gh (791.2 KB)

I forgot to mention to you that I just need the surface temperature.