EP Construction of shade surface

Hello guys,

I just tested LBT 1.2 and I found the input of “EP constr” in “HB Shade” component (figure below).

And when I input construction there, an error emerged. I am actually curious about this input because as far as I know, EnergyPlus doesn’t consider EP construction for shading object, or maybe it does now?

Because I intend to model reflecting shading device (from stainless steel) and assess the impact of this device on indoor thermal condition. I don’t know whether I must input EP construction on Shade Object.
I have read a discussion in this forum about “Reflectance of Shading Surface in EnergyPlus” and looks like I can input reflectance value via additional string using “ShadingProperty:Reflectance” suggested by @mostapha in LBT legacy.
My another question: Does LBT 1.2 now provide an input component to set reflectance value of shading surface? or I must use additional string component?

cc: @mostapha @MingboPeng

Please give me guidance about this…



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