EP simulation results

Hi everyone,
Running an energyplus simulation I generally obtain good results but not for peak values (at 12.00 and 2.00 p.m.). In fact, the peak values simulated are lower. anybody know if this is a Grasshopper’s problem?
In addition, is it normal that diffuse radiation in the epw file has more influence on the results than normal radiation?

Honeybee generates native EnergyPlus input files which you can double check to see where/why this is happening. It has nothing to do with Grasshopper. If the results is not what you expect it should be either an issue with Honeybee exporting the data incorrectly or your input data. Double checking the idf file is a good starting point.

Thank you , I’ll take a look at that file!

Hi mostapha,
I think I have found at least a problem in the input data. I’m using a surface as ground, setting asphalt from EP library as material. In the idf file I read that it has no sun exposure, so I set ‘outdoors’ in the EPBC input to create the honeybee surface and ran the simulation again, but nothing changed. Am I doing something wrong?