EP Window Shade Generator not working properly when the Rhino file is in mm


I have noticed that while using the “EP Window Shade Generator” component and the Rhino Units are set to mm the “HBObjectsWShades” Output does not return any results if I exceed 3 as input for the _depth. although the blinds are correctly design (in mm). The result is that The EP component is not running properly if I connect the windowBreps and shadeBreps output separately. Any idea why this is happening? any had a similar issue? Thanks a lot in advance!


@tasoskok ,

Can you upload a file that recreates the issue and also let us know what error message you get?

Hi @chris thank you for your reply. Here is an example file. Please note that you ll need to have your rhino file in mm in order to recreate the issue. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
EPShadeGenerator_mm_.gh (155.7 KB)

@tasoskok ,

I don’t seem to be able to re-create the error that you describe:

Could you write what the error message is?

Didn’t check it but from your image. @chris, i see the output link is orange, so probably there is no output in the HBObjecswithShades.

Hi @chris, indeed @AbrahamYezioro is right. There is no error but there is no HBObjectswithSahdes output from the component basically. What I understand is that the component indeed creates the blinds with the given depth but it only allows for maximum of 2mm blinds basically in order to return a valid HBObject.
It seems as if there is a threshold somewhere in the code that doesn’t take into account the Rhino units basically. It is weird as if you check the ShadeBrep output it does create blinds of any depth but the HBObjectswithShades output is not returning results for blinds with depth >2.

Ah, that makes more sense. Sorry that I didn’t read it carefully enough. The check that was in place to ensure the values weren’t out of the range for E+ hadn’t been updated to handle different units systems. I just fixed the check:

And here is a fixed version of your file:
EPShadeGenerator_mm_CWM.gh (512.2 KB)

Thank you for reporting the issue @tasoskok !

Thanks a lot for the quick response and for the fix @chris!