EP Window Shades - no output


I am doing a thermal analysis and want to include window shades. I tried creating them with a window shade generator, but it is giving me an empty output and I don’t understand why.
Also i have tried to insert the surface as a context in my analysis, but this has no effect at all.



Welcome to the discourse @oskargram,
For the HBObjWShades output to work the depth of the shade should be much smaller than what you have. This is a limitation of E+. I can’t remember the maximal size but you can try until you get this output to work. From your image is not clear to me that you set the writeEPObjs_ input to True. This is a must for the former output to work.
As for the context issue you need to use the shadeBreps output for that (which i assume you did).


Hi @AbrahamYezioro , I am facing the same issue here, I had tried with minimal depths also to see if HB objects are created, but no luck here.
Is there anything more I need to know?

My answer sticks to my previous one. E+ has a limit in the depth of the window shades. If you want something bigger you can use the Breps outputs as a context geometry but not as a shading system that you can schedule or otherwise.
You can load a simplified version if you believe you need to get what you expect. Then people here can check what is going on.