EPBlindsMat component


It will be true to assume that this component is not yet applicable to windows?

I didn’t find where to add it to the window definitions. I’ll be happy to know i assume wrong.

Another issue is that the input definitions doesn’t comply fully with those required in the idf editor. Am i right?



Hi Abraham,

I am pretty sure that Chris will have a comprehensive answer for this question as he developed the component.

Meanwhile, here is how you use it next to Honeybee_EPWindowShades.

Thanks and shame on me that didn’t see that.

Hi Abraham,

You are always a step ahead of our documentation and tutorial resources :slight_smile:

The image Mostapha posted is how the blinds material is used currently. The workflow is fully-functional right now such that you can model dynamic blinds but I didn’t include it in the Honeybee Energy modeling series because I think that I will make a whole other series on shade that will cover everything from the shade designer to the solar fan/envelope to the shade benefit evaluators to the dynamic blinds and shades. We have so much stuff dealing with shades that it seems to make sense to give them their own series.

Also, you are right that the Honeybee blinds material component diverges from the definition in the IDFEditor. There are so many inputs for the blinds material in the IDF that Mostapha and I thought it was a good idea to separate it into two components. Also, the second of the components in the image above makes it easy to visualize your shades as Rhino breps and understand the geometry of shades that you are inputting, which the IDF Blinds material does not really compute.


All my questions here are because i have my definitions from different blinds and i’m not sure how to match my values with your inputs.

A couple of things that will be important to implement:

  1. Location of the blind (outside, inside, inbetween 2 glasses)

  2. Internal drapes


  1. Interior or Exterior has already been implemented on the shades component. We decided to nix in between the glass because it seemed confusing to users and very hard to generate a display that made sense.

  2. I am not sure how to do that yet. Is that using a screen material?

The drapes use the WindowMaterial:Shade.

Attached what is needed to implement: MaterialDefinition, ShadeType in window surface and ShadingControl.


WindowShadeMaterials - 4 Chris.txt (2.96 KB)

OK. I remember seeing that in the IDFEditor. I will try to get around to it at some point in the next few weeks. Feel free to implement it yourself if you need it sooner.