EPOutput request add: Cooling Tower Energy

I was comparing the output of the ReadEPResult with the EP HTML file and noticed that Cooling Tower energy was not included as a branch in the “fan” output…only when I added “Output:Variable,*,Cooling Tower Fan Electric Energy, timestep;” to a merged simulationOutputs did the Cooling Tower fan energy appear as a fan branch. @chris and/or @mostapha…Can this output variable be added to the default list of “zoneEnergyUse” for the simOutputs in a future release so that EUI calcs can be done without the use of the custom variable importing?

@chris, just wanted to follow-up on this one to see if Cooling Tower fan energy is in fact part of the simulationOutputs component, or if adding as a manual output like I did is the necessary step?

Sorry the late response here and thank you for the reminder. This is an easy enough output to add and it makes sense for accurate EUI calculations. Done!

awesome! thanks chris!