EPResult file from DB to Honeybee

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to import an eplusout.csv file fromDesign Builder (generated by running ReadVarsESO) to Honeybee…

Fisrt I put in the same folder the files:

  • eplusout.csv;
  • esplusout.eio.

Then I used the ReadEPResult component in Honeybee to read them, but it can’t get the results out of the .csv file.

Can someone help me to find out a solution for this problem?

Or if you know any other ways to import a .csv file from Design Builder to Honeybee, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hello @chiara you can use Honeybee_lookupenergyplus component as shown in the attached image.

Hi Asisnath,
Thanks for your reply!

Unluckily it doesn’t work :frowning:

I saved all the files issues from theDB analysis in one folder on my pc

But when i conntect the folder to the component Honeybee_lookupenergyplus, it doesn’s find the files.

Maybe the folder isn’t the good one. Do you know where i can find the study folder for Design Builder’s results?