EPW and DDY problem

I am trying to do an energy calculation with LBT using my EPW file on my D drive, but I get the following message.
“1. No ddy_file_ was input into the sim_par sizing parameters
and no design days were found in the .ddy file next to the _epw_file.
Design days were generated from the input _epw_file but this
is not as accurate as design days from DDYs distributed with the EPW.”

I have EPW and DDY in a folder, but I don’t know which one to use for this kind of problem.
Please help me.

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Have you tried to place the EPW-file another place (e.g. C:/ or desktop) and browsing it?

Works for me:

You could also check this: Weather files and DDY files - grasshopper / honeybee - Ladybug Tools | Forum

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