EPW file error using sunpath - 1. Solution exception:hour must be in 0..23: (6/21@24:25)(m/d@h:m)

Hello Community,

As I guess Im not the first one that encounter this situation, Im working on a site in iceland, from which I downloaded the EPW file for the nearest area from the EPW map, but when I plugged it in for some sunpath analysis, this error appeared on the the sunpath component "1. Solution exception:hour must be in 0…23: (6/21@24:25)(m/d@h:m) ", for which I understand it might be a typo on the source file but could find more information in regards of this error

Therefore I started comparing these files with other ones from different areas to find any difference that could lead into this error message, but didn’t find any connection leading into any possible error in the EPW file

Appreciate any help to either correct this file of find a way t work around this issue

Thank you


How about the Asian characters in the file name. What happens without any of them?

I currently having the same problem … I am designing something in northern Iceland and all of the epw files I used come back with the same error.
Have you found a solution?

Can anyone give us a link to one of the EPW files that is causing the issue? If we have that, then we can recreate the issue on our end and if it’s a bug in our software, we can fix it. Otherwise, we can tell you what exactly is invalid about the EPW file and explain how it should be fixed.