EPW File for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (LB+HB)

Dear All,

Can anyone help me to get the weather epw file for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia location, i’m trying to use it for LB+HB and i searched everywhere i could only get for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but not for Jeddah.

Thanks, appreciate your help.

You can download weather files for Jeddah from EnergyPlus group > https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/EnergyPlus_Support/files/Meteon…

Thanks a lot Mostapha … saved the day :smiley:

By the way i went through some basic outcome information from the weather data they provided when i plugged it to stat file in LB+HB … and the climatic zones that they are providing is wrong for the location i don’t know if i can relay on their weather data or not. and now i’m confused again.

Ataur, The weather file is generated by Meteonorm. I would check the data itself (e.g. temperature, RH, radiation, etc.) instead of climate zone.

Salam Ataur

Please find attached the epw file for Reyad. Let me know if you need all the other formats.


SAU_Riyadh.404380_IWEC.epw (1.49 MB)

I would do a quick comparison just to take a look how it looks compare to what i have got in other format.

thanks mostapha

Salam Nehal

Thanks a lot but unfortunately i’m looking for Jeddah city weather file not Riyadhs, the link that mostapha provided earlier included Jeddah city weather file within the list i hope that will work.



Just to clarify, do you mean the Koppen Climate zone? If so, keep in mind that the global climate has been changing and that the koppen classes have changed as well over the last several decades:


If you mean the ASHRAE climate zone, remember that they were originally developed to describe the US and I am actually unsure about how they have been generalized to the entire planet. There may be different methods for generalizing it.

Looking at the actual temperature values is a better indicator as Mostapha says. Also, check the radiation data since (knowing Meteonorm) it is probably derived from satellite measurements as opposed from ground-level pyranometer readings.



thanks for taking time to follow up with the topic, yes i was talking about koppen and ashrae both of them are not as per location properties, i don’t know how much different it is now, but however i might say the weather data is more or less is rational but still there is a concern how accurate it is? i’m doing my masters and i need to be certain on the base information that im using.


Hello, I can’t access even with a Yahoo account, do you have that file and could you post it?



You have to join the EnergyPlus Yahoo group after you make a Yahoo account. Then you can download the files.


Dear AtaurRahman,

kindly, Would you please show with a picture where did you find the file in the support group? because I’m searching and not finding any files in the group although I’ve been approved to join the group.