Epw file visalization in Rhino 6

Hello everyone, I am a beginner with the ladybug, Can anyone help me to check why the weather data presenting in my rhino is like this. Thanka in advance.

Hoi - since you didn’t post the GH definition file and your screenshot only shows part of the definition, I’m assuming that you have something like what I attach here.
LB_3D_Chart.gh (389.9 KB)

That appears to run fine on Rhino 6 here, so could you please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here?

Thanking for you help. I didnt show the definiation because the visialization already went sth wrong at the initial step, as I showed above.

The problem is solved after I reinstall rhino. I was using rhino 6.18, which maybe is not stable. I reinstall a rhino6.8 version, and open the chart you sent to me successfully.